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Pastor N. Peter was born on 25th Dec 1960 as the 10th child of Mr. Nallathampy and Ms. Sundari. He was born and brought up in a Christian family. In the midst of many difficulties and poverty, his parents brought him up in the fear God. Since childhood, he was very interested in Spiritual activities of his Church. He used to participate most of the church events. One day in a church service, a pastor sang a Malayalam song “orkkalie jagatheyum jadatheyum piriyumbolarundenne nadathan” (When I part from my physical body, who will be there to lead me?). This line is from the song “marraruthe mugham marraykaruthe” (Don’t move and don’t hide your face from me). He was touched by this song and started to think about his life after death. As he was thinking he saw a vision of Jesus hanging on the Cross and he dedicated his life to the Lord and His ministry.

In 1979 as a 19 year old teenager, he has joined in Bethel Bible College, Punaloor. While he was studying, he planned to do ministry in North India after his studies. But God spoke to him like this, “I will send you to your own place and to North India as a team and do great things through your life.” He committed his life to God’s voice. In 1981, after his graduation, he came to a place called ‘Maruthemcode’ in Tamil Nadu and started a ministry under Assemblies of God. He ministered there only five years. In those five years God used him in a different way.

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Jehovah Nissi Assemblies of God Church
Cheruvarakonam, Parassala P.O,
Trivandrum. KERALA. PIN-695 502

Tel: 91-471-220-2330

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