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Pastor N. Peter was born on 25th Dec 1960 as the 10th child of Mr. Nallathampy and Ms. Sundari. He was born and brought up in a Christian family. In the midst of many difficulties and poverty, his parents brought him up in the fear God. Since childhood, he was very interested in Spiritual activities of his Church. He used to participate most of the church events. One day in a church service, a pastor sang a Malayalam song “orkkalie jagatheyum jadatheyum piriyumbolarundenne nadathan” (When I part from my physical body, who will be there to lead me?). This line is from the song “marraruthe mugham marraykaruthe” (Don’t move and don’t hide your face from me). He was touched by this song and started to think about his life after death. As he was thinking he saw a vision of Jesus hanging on the Cross and he dedicated his life to the Lord and His ministry.

In 1979 as a 19 year old teenager, he has joined in Bethel Bible College, Punalur. While he was studying, he planned to do ministry in North India after his studies. But God spoke to him like this, “I will send you to your own place and to North India as a team and do great things through your life.” He committed his life to God’s voice. In 1981, after his graduation, he came to a place called ‘Maruthemcode’ in Tamil Nadu and started a ministry under Assemblies of God. He ministered there only five years. In those five years God used him in a different way.

After that, as God promised, He sent him to his home town named Parassala and helped him to start a new ministry there. There was no building or a place for him to conduct the services. So he started prayer meetings at a house. Then he asked a person to lend his land for placing a small shed for prayer. He gave them a small portion of his land and in that land he built a thatched shed. There was no money to build a door for the shed, so he took a door from the family temple called “Bhadhrakali temple” of the land owner and kept as a door. In that same year he shifted the prayer from home to the thatched shed followed by a public meeting. Four old women and the land owner’s family were the initial members of that prayer meeting.

While he was studying in the Bible College he had four prayer requests to God;
“1. Make me a pastor of a biggest church congregation in Kerala
2. Make me a good preacher so I can preach the Gospel all over the world
3. Fill me with the Gifts of the Spirit so I can use it for God’s glory
4. Use me for North Indian Ministry.”

When there were only four members in the church, He joined with them and prayed for the fifth member and sixth and so forth. At night he used to go to vacant places in the church and knelt down and asked God to give members to fill those vacant places. He encouraged new members to pray for the perishing souls in the world. As the prayer was increasing in the church, Gifts of the Spirit started to work among the believers. Miracles, Signs and Wonders have taken place in the church. The people in his place believed that if they come to the church, they will be healed from their sickness and will be delivered from the problems in their families. More people started to come to the church. The unbelievers made lot of problems to the church. Once he was preaching in a place named Pozhiyoor, the people against the Gospel came with sword and other weapons and distracted the meeting and they tried to kill the believers. But God saved him from all painful situations and helped him to stand firm in ministry. At that time they were facing severe financial problems. As they were going through all these pain and difficulties, God helped them to continue in ministry.

One day while they were praying for the church building, God asked him “What will you give?” He already gave everything he had for the ministry. But he had one bike which he was using for the ministry. He said “God, I will give this bike for the construction of the church which you have given me, to do your ministry”. He said this in the church and encouraged the believers to give for the church construction. They gave their best. In 1992 God helped them to dedicate the new building for God’s glory which will accommodate thousand people at a time. Their first target was one thousand members and God fulfilled that target in the year 2000. Now more than 2000 families are coming for the worship. Four services are there in their church.

God has been faithful for the past three decades in ministry and He has always been there for them and also been more than enough for their needs. “The One in whom we hold our trust will never leave us nor forsake us.” Their desire is to do God’s ministry until their last breath”.

Contact Information
Jehovah Nissi Assemblies of God Church
Cheruvarakonam, Parassala P.O,
Trivandrum. KERALA. PIN-695 502
Tel: 91-471-220-2330

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N Peter - October 10, 2020

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