Evg. Saju John Mathew

Saju John Mathew (known among friends and family as ‘Saju bhuiya’, ‘Sajuchayan’ or simply ‘Saju’) is a servant of God, who in his own words, wants to be “obedient to the heavenly call.” And in obedience of this call he works hard to serve the Lord in Africa, Middle-East and India.
As a school boy of 13 years, he knew his Lord and Savior as Jesus. Along with his friends, he started witnessing Jesus in the school, and in the streets.

When he was in 12th grade, God asked him to start a journal in “Malayalam” the local language of the province of Kerala in India. The name of the magazine was “Maruppacha” which meant Oasis. That became one of the most read journal among the born again community of the province of Kerala.

As a university student, he labored much in the conception, initial period and growth of the Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF), a fellowship of the students of the full gospel churches in India.

After the journalism studies, he concentrated in writing books and teaching Bible. He was part of ship “Doulos” of Operation Mobilization for some time.

In 1994 God asked him to start a pioneer mission movement in North India, and that was the beginning of “JESUS MISSION” However, God wanted him to continue as a Bible teacher. He has inspired many to dwell in the living word of God, across the Indian sub-continent and the land of Africa.

This website is endeavored at showcasing his numerous works like recorded messages and e-Books for free to many, so that they be a cause of blessings to them.

Saju still works with the missionary organization Jesus Mission India, which has done a great deal in touching the lives of many people in remote villages of North India.

Contact Information:
Phone: 91-469-267-2310
Cell: +91-94471 72310
Email: jesusmission @ gmail. com

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