Founding Fathers of IPC

Pastor K E Abraham
Pastor K E Abraham, founder of Indian Pentecostal Church of God, was born in 1st March 1899, in Puthencav, near Chenganoor, in Kerala, India. His parents were members of the Syrian Orthodox Jacobite Church. At the age of 7 he was sent to a Marthomite Sunday School. From his young age he was saved and lived as a Son of God. In 1914, he dedicated his life to gospel work in a meeting conducted by Moothamplackal Kochukunju Upadesi. In 1915 after he passed his 7th class, he was appointed as a schoolteacher. He also began his gospel work at the same time. He was baptized in water on 27 February 1916 at the age of 17, and separated from the Jacobite Church. That same year, K E Abraham and later Mrs. K E Abraham resigned their teaching jobs.

As he understood the doctrine of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he tarried for this and was baptized in the Spirit on 22 April 1923. Many dependent local churches were started in Kerala through the ministry of Pastor K E Abraham. In the beginning, they had no special name. When they faced the need for marriage registration, they chose the name “South Indian Pentecostal Church of God.”

Monthly fellowship meetings began in 1924. The first General Convention of the Church took place at Ranni, April 1-5, 1925. On 1st May 1930, Pastor K E Abraham and his family moved their residence from Mulakuzha to Kumbanad. Obeying the inspiration God gave him, K E Abraham started Hebron Bible School in June 1930. The work of the church began to spread in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and North India. In 1934, the name of the church was changed to “India Pentecostal Church of God”.

Pastor K E Abraham and his co-workers began to travel into other Indian States, and finally outside India. He visited Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and the United States, among others, witnessing the gospel of Christ. His two sons Pastor T S Abraham and Pastor Oommen Abraham followed the footsteps of their father. During January 6-13, 1974, the 50th General Convention of the Church took place at Hebron, Kumbanad. Pastor K E Abraham was promoted to glory on 9 December 1974.

Mrs K E Abraham
Mrs. K E Abraham was born in a traditional Syrian Jacobite family in Omalloor, Pathanamthitta. In 1921 Mrs. K E Abraham was married to Pastor K E Abraham. She resigned from the job as teacher and spent her full time helping Pastor K E Abraham in his ministry. During and after the lifetime of Pastor Abraham, his wife actively worked in the spiritual matters of the Church as the president of the IPC Sisters Organization for a long time. In 1975, Mrs. K E Abraham started Hebron Ladies Bible School. Mrs. Abraham was promoted to glory on 31 May 1980. She was a pious and an exemplary mother. She cared for the Indian Pentecostal Church like her own family. The Indian Pentecostal Church in India and abroad can never forget her valuable service.

Pastor P M Samuel
Pastor P M Samuel is a native of Keekozhoor village in Kerala. He was saved at the age of 17 in 1920, and he joined Marthoma Theological Seminary in Kottayam to become a priest in the Marthoma Church. When he studied the word deeply, he accepted water baptism. He was cast out of the house. Through his work, many churches were formed in Travancore. While he was traveling for the gospel in Tamil Nadu, he met some Pentecostal workers and came to know the baptism in the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues. On 20 September 1929, he was filled with the Holy Spirit. In 1932-1933 he traveled as an evangelist to Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. He moved to Vijayawada and gave leadership to the work of Andhra Pradesh, establishing many churches. At the tie of his death, he was serving as President of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God.

Pastor P T Chacko
Pastor P T Chacko worked with Pastor P M Samuel, Brother P M Thomas, and others. At first, Pastor Chacko and his family lived in Eluru where he worked and trained Pastors P M Philip, T K Thomas, P L Paramjyothi and P J Thomas and many others. Later they moved to Secunderabad in 1940 and started a Bible School for teaching evangelists to serve the Lord in Andhra Pradesh and stayed with the people learning the culture and language.

Pastor K C Oommen
Pastor K C Oommen, an architect and a very generous man, began his Christian life as a member of the Brethren Church. He joined the Pentecostal Church following the healing by Pastor R F Cook, while suffering from severe stomachache. He worked very sincerely and actively with Pastor K E Abraham. He was called to the presence of the Lord on 11th December 1944.

Pastor K C Cherian
Pastor K C Cherian was born in Mezhuveli, baptized in 1921 and in 1924 filled with the Holy Spirit. He worked for the Lord both in India and abroad and also with Pastor K E Abraham. Being a diabetic’s patient he worked for Christ till he was called to his eternal home on 26 May 1954.

Pastor P V John
Pastor P V John hails from a high-caste Hindu family in Maramon. Though from his tender age he heard of Christ he received Christ while he was working in the municipal court. Ten years later, he joined the Indian Pentecostal Church and became one of its ministers. He was called to his eternal home on 4th October 1946. The late Pastors P J Thomas and P J Daniel were his sons, and the late Mrs. Leelamma Abraham; wife of the late Pastor Oommen Abraham was the only daughter of Pastor P V John.

Pastor P T Mathew
Pastor P T Mathew, also known as “Podimala Mathaichen”, was formerly an active worker with the “Viyojitha Movement” in Kerala. He was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1929 and accepted the Pentecostal faith. He entered into his eternal rest on 28 March 1959 in his 76th year. Before his death, he gave 2Timothy 2:8 as his last message to his children and grandchildren. The sons of Pastor P T Mathew are the late Pastor P M Thomas and Pastor P M Philip who was one of IPC leaders.

Pastor T Kochukunju Sanyasi
Pastor T. Kochukunju was a member of London Mission Church. After his salvation he became active in gospel work and after attending the meetings of Pastor K E Abraham he came to accept the Pentecostal truths and was baptized by Pastor K E Abraham.Following his baptism, the Spirit for the full time ministry inspired him and he accepted the life of a monk. He died on 18th June 1957 with praiseworthy contributions to IPC.

Pastor P T Varughese
P T Varughese, known as “Chethakal Keevareechen” was born in 1883. He became a servant of God at a young age and was filled with the Holy Spirit. He went to North Kerala and worked for the Lord in Power. He contributed much to the Indian Pentecostal Church of God. In August 1970, he was promoted to his eternal home.

Pastor C P Thomas
Pastor C P Thomas, born in 1895 was a schoolteacher near Pathanamthitta. While he taught in the CMS School he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In 1930 he was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. He joined IPC in 1933 and pastured in Andhra Pradesh for about 40 years. He was called to his eternal abode in 1947.

Pastor M V Chacko
Pastor M V Chacko was born in Mundiappally, Madom family in 1909. He accepted Jesus Christ into his life in 1931. He dedicated himself for the Lord’s service and joined Hebron Bible Villages in 1933. After the filling of the Holy Spirit, he began his calling as a Pentecostal evangelist. For some years he worked as IPC pastor in Singapore. Until 1997 he served as President of the Indian Pentecostal Church in Kerala State.

Pastor V T Thomas
Pastor Thomas was born in 1903 and was baptized in 1928 by Pastor K E Abraham. He joined IPC in 1936. First he was working at Tamil Nadu and later he came back to Kerala. He became district pastor of Ranny. Later he worked in his own native place Kunnathumkara. He was called to the Lord’s presence in August 1970.

Pastor T G Oommen
Pastor T G Oommen was born on 8 October 1905 near Chengannoor in Kerala. He was saved and baptized in 1924 and was filled with the Holy Spirit in August 1929. He worked at Pathanapuram till the end of his life. He was known as a famous Bible teacher and a great writer too. He served in IPC as district pastor, Bible College teacher, Council and Presbytery member, state and general President. Pastor T G Oommen was called to his eternal home in 1985.

Pastor T N Abraham
Pastor T N Abraham was born in a Syrian Christian family in Kallissery in 1905. He was affected by heart disease in his youth. God miraculously cured his sickness through prayer, and he submitted himself fully to the Lord. He consecrated his life for the Lord’s ministry. In 1940 he started his full time ministry. Beginning from his native place, Kallissery, he proclaimed the Lord in Trichur, Melpadom, and Mavelikkara. He had the chance to prove his leadership ability as district pastor of Thiruvalla Centre and as IPC Secretary. He was called to his eternal home in January 1974.

Pastor T T Varughese
Pastor T T Varughese came to the saving knowledge of Christ and the Pentecostal truths in 1932. Attending a meeting of Pastor K E Abraham in Kuhikal led him to Christ. He gave leadership in IPC as Centre pastor in Peermedu, Mallappally and Kumbanad districts. In December 1977, he was called to the Lord. Dr. T V Thomas is the son of Pastor T T Varughese.

Pastor P K Chacko
Pastor Chacko, saved in 1933 and baptized in 1934 was called to the ministry and became a full-time minister in IPC. He worked mainly in IPC churches in Kottayam district and Alappuzha in the early years of his service. From 1966 onwards, he gave leadership to IPC as the Centre pastor in Pampady and later as president of IPC state councils. Due to illness, he spent his last days with his children in the United States.

Pastor P M Philip
Pastor P M Philip was born on October 26, 1915 as son of Pastor P T Mathew, Podimala. He was saved at the age of 12 and dedicated for full time ministry at 14. He studied the Word of God and was well known as a gospel preacher from the age of 14. He later worked tirelessly with the native evangelists of Kottayam pastors and children of God. For years, he served in IPC as Kottayam district pastor, Kerala state president and IPC General Secretary. He is the founder of Shalom Bible School at Kottayam. He entered his eternal rest on November 11, 2000.

Pastor Philip Abraham
Pastor Abraham was one of the leaders of IPC in Andhra Pradesh. He settled in Hyderabad and dedicated himself to the spread of the gospel and the establishment of Pentecostal truths in Andhra Pradesh. Many Pentecostal churches were formed as a result of his work. He worked for the establishment of Pentecostal truths in Andhra Pradesh.

Pastor T K Thomas
Pastor Thomas reached Warangal in Andhra Pradesh in 1936. IPC Warangal Church became one of the biggest congregations where he ministered continuously for 50 years. Living in Warangal, he started about 75 outstations in Andhra Pradesh. All these new works became IPC local churches. This great warrior of the Lord went to his eternal rest on 23 December 1989.

Pastor A N Mathew
Pastor Mathew was born in 1918 and accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 12. After his education at Hebron Bible College, Kumbanad, he went to Andhra Pradesh in 1943. At first, he worked alongside Pastor P T Chacko. He worked diligently, suffering for Christ in Nizamabad and later in Hyderabad.

Pastor K J Samuel
Pastor Samuel was born in Vettiyar and was saved and baptized at the age of 10. After his education, he went to North India for gospel work was mainly concentrated in Lahore. After the separation between India and Pakistan, Pastor K J Samuel came back to Kerala and settled in Kumbanad. He served the Lord in IPC as the editor of Zion Kahalam, teacher at Hebron Bible College, and General Secretary of IPC. He was a good writer, an able teacher, and forceful preacher. He was called to his eternal rest on 30 June 1970.

Pastor Abraham Samuel
Pastor Abraham Samuel was born in 1930, the son of Pastor P M Samuel. He dedicated his life for the Lord’s ministry. After the death of Pastor P M Samuel, he gave leadership to the IPC in Andhra Pradesh. He also served as the President of IPC in Tamil Nadu State. From 1972 on, he served, as the principal of Zion Bible College in Andhra Pradesh. This great servant of God died in November 1993.He was the son-in-law of Pastor P T Chacko. His son Pastor Noel Samuel is presently the IPC Secretary, Andhra Pradesh State.

Pastor Oommen Abraham
Pastor Oommen Abraham was born on 20th July 1928, the younger son of Pastor, K E Abraham. He married Leelamma, the only daughter of Pastor P V John and only sister of Pastor P J Thomas and P J Daniel. When Pastor T S Abraham led the church in India, Pastor Oommen Abraham was one of the ministers who led IPC work in the USA. He founded the Malayalee Pentecostal conference of America. In 1987 Pastor Abraham and his wife founded Good Samaritan Ministry to help the poor and needy in different ways. His wife went to her eternal home in November 1990. After 1991, Pastor Abraham began to spend more time in Kerala. He was called to glory by a car accident in USA on 6th April 1997.

Pastor George Varghese
Pastor George Varghese was born on 1st August 1922 in Ranni. He received salvation on 6th November 1941 and was disciple of Sadhu Kochukunju Upadeshi. While he worked as an evangelist in the Marthoma Church he was filled with the Holy Spirit. He was baptized in 1946 facing opposition from his parents. He studied at Bebron Bible College and ministered for the Lord in Middle Travancore. In his later years he resided in Mallapally and gave leadership to IPC Mallappally Centre. He founded Zion Bible College at Mallappally in 1975. He went to his eternal abode on 15th December 1989.

Bro. K R John
Bro. K R John was one of the early members of Ellore Church. He always opened his home for God’s children and took great interest in building the church at Ellore. He worked to prepare conventions and special meetings.

Bro. B S Lukesan
Bro. Lukeson belonged to the Ellore Church and worked at the registrar’s office. In 1935, he helped to register the Indian Pentecostal Church. Later, Bro. Lukeson became a full-time worker. He became an able translator.

Pastor P L Paramjyothi
As a teenager, P L Paramjyothi came to the Ellore Faith Home and received baptism by Pastor P T Chacko. He had a fruitful ministry in the villages and towns of Andhra Pradesh and established many churches. Antervedipalm in East Godwari became his headquarters. For many years, he served as an able translator. He served as President of IPC for nine years. In 1996, the Lord called him home.

Pastor C K Daniel
Pastor C K Daniel was born in 1914 in Vengoor, Kerala. He was saved as a small boy and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1934. He studied at Hebron Bible College. He began to minister for the Lord in Kerala in 1946. He served as IPC district minister for Adoor and Kottarakara for many years. He also served IPC as state President for many years. He entered his eternal rest on 27th February 1984.

Mrs. Annamma Chacko
Mrs.Annamma Chacko, after her studies at Nicholson High School in Thiruvalla, this saint of God, became a life partner for Pastor P T Chacko in every sense of the word. She often visited the homes of the sick and prayed for them. She opened her home for visitors from every background. She was a prayer warrior and was never idle for the Lord. She was promoted to glory in 1964.

Mrs. Mariamma Samuel
Pastor P M Samuel and his wife, Mariamma, had four sons and two daughters. While her husband traveled, she prayed. Sickness and troubles did not discourage her from following the Lord. She knew how to console the poor and suffering folk. Young men and women gained practical training in ministry and life when they stayed with this family.

Mrs. Mariamma Thomas
Mariamma Thomas received training as a nurse at Kuglar’s Hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and married Pastor T K Thomas at Vijayawada. At Warangal she worked in the Azam Jahi Mills and joined her husband in ministry. Her two daughters and son wanted their mother to join them in USA in her old age. She died while staying with her son.

Mrs. Rushiamma John
K R John and his wife Rushiamma had six sons and four daughters. Rushiamma found time to visit the sick and needy. On Sundays, she provided lunch for the residents of Faith Home. Sharing her fruit, eggs, milk and other foods was a commitment she made to the Lord. She was also an intercessor who prayed for various people and situations. This mother set an example we can all emulate.

Pastor P J Thomas
Pastor P J Thomas was born in 1915, the son of Pastor P V John. He was saved in 1936. He studied at Serampore University and at theological colleges in Australia and America. In 1952, he founded Sharon Bible School and later formed Sharon Fellowship Church. A great warrior of Jesus Christ, he entered his rest in 1998.

Pastor P J Daniel
Pastor P J Daniel was the brother of Pastor P J Thomas and the son of Pastor P V John. Till 1953 he served as the district pastor of Mavelikkara. Working independently and remaining neutral in all factional disputes, he helped to found the Pentecostal Church of God.

Pastor Kurian Thomas
Pastor Thomas comes from Nellikamon, Ranny, in Kerala. He went with gospel to Itrasi in Madhya Pradesh. At first he worked with the Indian Pentecostal Church there. In 1962, he started Central India Bible College in Itarsi. In 1966, he founded the Fellowship of the Pentecostal Churches of God in India (FPCGI).

Dr. Thomas Mathew
Dr. Thomas Mathew was born in Punalur, Kerala. He studied at Shalom Bible School in Vadavathoor. When he was 19, he went to Rajasthan to proclaim the Gospel. In the beginning stage he worked with IPC. In 1982 he started Philadelphia Bible Institute, in Udaipur, Rajastan. Later he founded the Philadelphia Fellowship Church of India.

Pastor P J Titus
Pastor Titus labored in Andhra Pradesh with his uncle Pastor P M Samuel. He labored for several years in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. Later, he went to USA for higher studies. He returned after several years and started the Church On The Rock. He has his headquarters in Vishakapatnam.

Pastor M K Cherian
Pastor M K Cherian, known as “Ullayam Cheriachen”, was born in 1900. He came to a saving knowledge of Christ at a young age. He traveled widely and served as a general minister in IPC. Completing his ministry on earth, he went to his rest with the Lord in 1956.

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